The Diptych

  The diptych, triptych, quadtych or or polytych are two, three, four or multiple paintings, that create a distinct work of organized art. The individual works participate in a theme, specific subject matter or, together, as a unified composition. Originally hinged together, in contemporary art, these multiple panel paintings usually hang side-by-side, independently, on a […]

Art of the State at the State Museum of Pennsylvania

At the Art of the State of Museum of Pennsylvania, out of 1,900 entries, I was one of 122 works selected to exhibit in this years “Art of the State” at the State Museum of Pennsylvania. The show, which includes painting, photography, sculpture, craft and works on paper by Pennsylvania artists is on show until […]


The term “abstract” art stereotypically applies to art that significantly departs from the actual appearance of things. It is a vague, sliding scale genre. Picasso, for example, thought there was no such thing. Some art critics say all art is abstract, because no art is more than an abridgement of what an artist sees. Nevertheless, […]

The Experience of Engaging Art

Fine art is more than a commodity to be gambled on when acquired. Works of art present an experience by which the viewer is transformed.  Leo Tolstoy said it best, in my opinion: “Art is a microscope which fixes on the secrets of the soul, and shows to people these secrets which are common to […]

Solo show at Avran

Announcing my new representation with Avran Art. A contemporary art gallery for collectors and enthusiasts, immediately distinguishable among the vibrant art scene in Laguna Beach, California.  My solo show at Avran opens on February 13th, 2016. Contemporary visual art in Los Angeles leads to Laguna Beach!